Skills We Teach for Independence

At The Center for Independence, we teach life skills with the goal of maximizing independence.

Participants learn the following:

Vocational and Job Skills – From learning to interview for a job, to filling out an application and developing a resume, we get adults with autism ready to seek real employment. Our model of multi-tiered supports, designed to offer a fluid continuum of supports based on each individual’s need, teaches not only the “hard skills” needed for a particular job, such as cashier or restaurant worker, but also the vital ‘soft skills’ so often lacking in adults on the autism spectrum. These ‘soft skills’ include:

  • How to ask for help on the job
  • How to take criticism or feedback on the job
  • How to take a break
  • Topics for conversation at work

Self-Direction and Self-Advocacy – Learning about and embracing who we are as people is one of the many elements of becoming independent for everybody. For adults with autism, this can be complicated. At TCI, we break it down, and offer direct instruction to teach participants to speak up for themselves

Self-Expression and Communication – Communication is often a major challenge for adults with autism and related disabilities. Whether a participant uses language, sign language, gestures or a communication device, we teach and encourage participants to express their thoughts, preferences and interests.

man with disabilities developing fitness in gym - Center for Independence - nj adult day program for individuals with autism and related disordersLife Skills to promote Wellness – We teach skills needed so adults with autism can make healthy choices that can enhance well-being, such as learning to shop for nutritious food, preparing healthy meals, learning to enjoy a wide range of physical actives, and managing stress.

Self-care – We provide direct instruction in areas including personal hygiene, dressing for work, and managing medication

Social and Relationship Skills – For adults with autism, it can be difficult to develop and maintain meaningful relationships. Our social skills program goes far beyond traditional skills, and works to increase the empathy; compassion and understanding needed by adults with autism for work, home, social outings, and intimate relationships.

Life Skills for Living – We teach basic skills every adult needs to manage their life. These include but are not limited to: clothing care (laundry, ironing, basic sewing); personal finance (check book and banking skills); travel training; apartment management (kitchen and bathroom clean up, vacuuming, bed making, etc.)

  • A supportive community with a
    21st Century approach to individualized services for adults
    on the autism spectrum and
    with related disabilities.
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    Telephone: (973) 509-3050
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  • Hours of Operation

    The Center for Independence day program for adults with autism and related disabilities is open Monday through Friday, from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM, 210 days per year.

    We also offer After Hours and Evening Programs.

    After Hours Program: Tuesday and Thursday, 4 PM - 8 PM.
    Adult Evening Program: Tuesday and Thursday, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM.

  • The Center for Independence is a DDD Qualified Provider for Real Life Choices and Self Directed Day Services.
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